Raza Designs is a collection of elegant and casual loungewear, hostess gowns, robes, vintage gowns, caftans, evening gowns, wrap robes, modest clothing, modest christian clothing, muslim garb, shabbos robes, frum clothing, jalabeas and peignoir sets reflective of an era past. In addition, we offer theatrical costumes. We design with the Modest Petite, Missy and Plus Size customer in mind. Our beautiful robes and gowns are noted for their softness and quality.
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Raza Designs NY, a manufacturer of fine ladies’ apparel, was established in New York City, February 1994. Raza Designs NY is an elegant collection of Loungewear, Hostess Gowns, Peignoir Sets, Caftans, Kimonos, Zippered Robes & Wrap Robes, Sleepwear, and Eveningwear. Our label can be found throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East in better boutiques, chains, and catalogues.

Raza Designs NY, was created for a very special woman. She is a romantic, and a more modest woman who loves to entertain elegantly at home or on vacation.

Our clothing and intimate apparel are reminiscent of an era past. Words like” Vintage", "Victorian", "Heirloom", "Antique", "Romantic", best describe the Raza
image. Although our signature look is vintage, our quality is superb and our products are both durable and washable. The woman who dreams of "days gone by", and craves the luxury and romance of 1930 glamour movies, can now snuggle up on her chaise in our elegant loungewear and dream! Even though she has no butler to serve her guests she can wear our hostess gowns in total confidence. (She can wash off that spot of soup easily in her own washing machine -- by herself!)

Our "Victorian Signature" has attracted

  1. The Bride seeking "something old";
  2. The "Woman of Age" (40+) seeking something stunning but not sexy;
  3. The Modest Woman who covets tasteful, beautiful coverage; and
  4. The Large Woman searching for elegant fashion in her size!
We offer each customer gorgeous peignoir sets, hostess gowns, eveningwear, caftans, robes, sleepwear, and zippered loungewear in a myriad of sizes and fabrics. We use velvets, tapestries, stretch knits, microfibers, cotton knits and wovens, and novelty trims to create our romantic loungewear and eveningwear.

Our Missy size range is XS (2-4), S (6-8), M (10-12), L (12-14), XL (16-18).
Our Plus size range is 1X (20-22), 2X (24-26), 3X (26-28), & 4X (30-32). All of our garments are especially generous and long (57"-60"). Upon special request and for an additional fee, we can shorten or lengthen sleeves and hems. We tailor the garment to suit your needs. There are no returns on altered garments!

Our retail prices range from $35.00- $300.00 U.S. dollars. The wholesale prices for retailers are different than the retail prices for consumers. The consumer can look for a store near there home under "Retailers". Please do not hesitate to contact the boutique nearest you.

If you cannot find a store in your vicinity we would be happy to service you directly.

Our policy is to sell to the consumer at retail prices plus 10%. Our first priority is to enable our retailers to flourish.


Raza Designs

the best collection of beautiful robes, evening gowns, hostess gowns, wrap robes, peignoir sets, vintage clothes, modest clothing, modest christian clothing, muslim garb, shabbos robes, frum clothing and jalabeas

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