Raza Designs is a collection of elegant and casual loungewear, hostess gowns, robes, vintage gowns, caftans, evening gowns, wrap robes, modest clothing, modest christian clothing, muslim garb, shabbos robes, frum clothing, jalabeas and peignoir sets reflective of an era past. In addition, we offer theatrical costumes. We design with the Modest Petite, Missy and Plus Size customer in mind. Our beautiful robes and gowns are noted for their softness and quality.
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On Sale
(No Returns On sale Items)

Chenille me Home! On Sale, No Returns or Exchanges


Royal Velvet as in Picture. Size Small, Medium. On Sale. No Returns or Exchanges.


2467-SL78 Lemon Sunburst. Size S. Brand New & On Sale. No Returns.


Faux Embroidery. XS,S. On Sale. No Returns or Excahnges


Eventide. Size M, L. On Sale. No Returns or Exchanges


White Palm. Size XS,S. On Sale. No Returns or Exchanges.


Drama in the Palms. Size L,XL. On Sale. No Returns or Exchanges.


Tahiti. Size L, For short person 5 foot. On Sale. No Returns or Exchanges.


Sunshine. Sizes Small and Medium. On Sale. No Returns, or Exchanges.


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