Raza Designs is a collection of elegant and casual loungewear, hostess gowns, robes, vintage gowns, caftans, evening gowns, wrap robes, modest clothing, modest christian clothing, muslim garb, shabbos robes, frum clothing, jalabeas and peignoir sets reflective of an era past. In addition, we offer theatrical costumes. We design with the Modest Petite, Missy and Plus Size customer in mind. Our beautiful robes and gowns are noted for their softness and quality.
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Sep 28, 2016

"I received the robes today and they all fit nicely. Looking forward to a comfortable and well dressed holiday. Shana tova!

Lindsay Gutierrez"


Sep 20, 2016

" I want to thank you for my beautiful ropes I just received them and I especially love the black one with the sequins have a good holiday and be well thanks.

Barbara Dahav"


Jul 31, 2016

" Hi Beverly,
I got my beautiful Shabbos robe on Friday. As always, the quality and style is just amazing. The size is definitely more generous than my previous purchases. I will be sure and stick with a small for future purchases. Just wanted to let you know it was received. Thank you so much and have a wonderful week!

Gesena Zimmerman"


Jun 2, 2016

" The robe arrived today - fits beautifully! Thank you so much!

Malky Benedict"


May 9, 2016

"I got the robe on Friday. I wore it on Shabbos. It was beautiful. This style is great for me. If I make another gown, I would love this style. Thank you again.
Have a great day



Apr 28, 2016

"Beverly, please excuse me for taking all week to write to you. My new dress arrived right before Shabbos/Yom Tov last week and I wore it. It looks wonderful! As always, you and your team did a great job. Thank you so much!
Best regards for Yom Tov and Shabbos --

Diana Forgy"


Apr 21, 2016

" Perfect fit. Thanks again!!

Aaron Rokach"


Jan 25, 2016

" So sorry only getting to you now.. Just wanted to tell you how happy she was! She said it b"H fit her perfectly...as if it was made for her.. so I told her that it was made to her measurements!! :)

Thank you again for you service!

Hatzlacha and all the best!
Miriam "


Dec 14, 2015:

"Received it in time to wear Friday night. It fits perfectly. Got a lot of compliments! Thanks so much for all your efforts to make it work.



Nov 11, 2015:

"Hello, Beverly,
As I am writing this, I am wearing your beautiful "Oriental Adaptation" robe! It is lovely and fits very well!
I absolutely love the other robe as well, but, unfortunately, it is too large. It is so difficult to gauge my size without trying on a garment first.
I realize that you made special adaptations of the robe for me, so it probably cannot be returned for alterations. Now that I have tried it on, I see that a Large size would work, possibly even a Medium, if they run large. Perhaps the extra panel makes the robe larger than it would be normally.
I am prepared to keep the robe, however, since it was probably my mistake in the ordering.
I love your work! I will be telling my friends about your excellent robes!

Cress Ann Posten "


Nov 1, 2015:

"Dear Beverly,
Thanks for the robes that I purchased on 10/21/2015 they fit me perfect I love them . The hems and sleeves were an exact fit for me. Shana tova to you as well.

Dawn Shabdin"


Sep 29, 2015

"Thank you so much!!! The lace came and I opened the package tonight and it is gorgeous.
I can't do anything with it yet due to Yom Tov but I am thinking of how best to attach it.
It is comes out as I hope, I will b'li neder, send you a photo. You are a gem!!
I would like to pay you for the sample and for the postage.
It was a wonderful favor to do for me in the height of your busy season!!
Thank you again!



Sep 11, 2015

"Dear Beverly,
Thank you so much for being so accommodating. I very much appreciate that you sent the robe by US Postal Service, it saved me some money and the robe arrived perfectly. It has been more than just a few years since I last purchased a robe, the reduced price was so appreciated on the robe. It is beautiful and just the right size. Thank you so much! Have a wonderful Rosh Hashana and a healthy and happy new year! Thank you.

Rifky Cohen"


Sep 3 2015

"Wow! You ladies sure work fast!
I will let you know what I think of my new robe, but I am sure I'll like it a lot. I enjoy wearing all of the robes I've gotten from you, even the ones that are getting a bit worn out.



Sep 2 2015

"Just received it. It's beautiful

Thank you


Apr 2, 2015

"?Dear Beverly,
The robe arrived on Tuesday and it fits like a dream! Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to wearing it on Yomtov and beyond...

Chag Kasher v'sameach!"


Apr 1, 2015

"Hi Beverly & Inga,
I received the robes today and they are beautiful.
Thank you and have a wonderful Chag!

Best regards,
Beverly Hornstein"


Mar 31, 2015

"I received my order of robes today and they fit beautifully. Thank you for recommending that I order a medium, as I was planning to buy large.
Have a lovely and meaningful Passover.

Esther Gutierrez "


Mar 27, 2015

"Just got the package! Thank you for helping me out. Hope you are feeling better. Have a wonderful Shabbos and a chag kasher v'sameach.



Mar 24, 2015

"Perfect,thank you!



Mar 23, 2015

"I LOVE the hunter green robe that I just bought!! It is gorgeous!! Thank you!!



Feb 19, 2015

"Hi Beverly,
My robe just arrived and I love it! It fits perfectly and the workmanship is just amazing. Thank you so much

Kerri Stern"


Feb 9 2015

"Dear Beverly,
Parcel slip for both the shoes and dress arrived Tuesday last week (3rd of February). I was able to collect them on Wednesday. The dress is lovely and is definitely going in my novel: as a black hooded meil of raw silk worn over either a simlar or ketonet of sheer pink silk and a matching mitpahath. kept together with with a black sash embroidered with roses. The shoes kill though, I don't know how the ninja brigade does it everyday. Cheers and until next time



Jan 30 2015

"Just wanted to let you know that the robe arrived and I am very pleased with it!!
Thank you once again



Jan 23, 2015

"Dear Beverly,
I wanted to let you know I received my gown & couldn't be more pleased (invoice #313002). It fits like a dream & I feel so pretty in it. I am now planning to have a whole closet full of your designs as soon as I am able. I especially appreciate your special attention to my sizing & all you went through to help insure it would fit well. I just love it.

Many thanks,
Ginger White"


Jan 11, 2015

"I just wanted to say thank you for shipping the robe so fast. My wife absolutely loved it and it looks stunning on her!

Eric Kramer"


Nov 27, 2014

"Dear Beverly
I just wanted to say my sister-in-law just brought my robes to the UK yesterday and I am delighted with them. One is slightly too big but still fits me, the other two are a perfect fit. I am so happy and just wanted to thank you very much.

With best wishes
Emma Craimer"


Sep 16, 2014

"Thank you so much! I just got it and I love it! It's perfect!
I will definitely order from you again in the future. Have a great Yuntif!

Melissa "


Sep 15, 2014

"Dear Raza Robes ,
Just wanted to Thank you for designing such a beautiful line of robes . The cut of each robe is incredible. The detail and design are breathtaking !!! Your robes are incomparable to any other company . Looking forward to Yom Tov with my brand new robe . Thank you for bringing modesty and beauty together .

Shana tova!
Rikki Steinharter"


May 5, 2014

"I received the robe it is beautiful-thank you so much !

Lakie "


Apr 13, 2014

"Thank you, it is beautiful, have a wonderful Pesach.

Sarah Don"


Apr 11, 2014

"I just got my robe. It looks excellent on. Thank you so much!

Hindu Roth"


Apr 11, 2014

"I received my robe and it's perfect! Thanks so much and Chag Sameach.



Apr 11 2014

"Hi Beverly
I wanted to let you know that I received the robe and it's absolutely stunning! Thank you! I look forward to getting the other one soon.

Diana Chadi"


Apr 10, 2014

"It is perfect,thank you.

Chag sameach,Annette"


Apr 8, 2014

"Hi I received the robe... Thank u it's perfect :)

Yehudis Blachman"


Jan 25 2014

"Everything is perfect
Thank you again



Jan 23, 2014

"Thank's so much every thing is beautiful! It fits perfect, you see it's from Raza the name has the quality and the special fit. I don't know if you know Hebrew but there you say some thing"Unique and majestic ", i think the translation means Royal and Unique .REALLY SPECIAL ! Just one little thing she forgot to adjust the length i wrote, but no problem I'm now calling my sewing lady and she will fix it.
Thank you for the perfect service and the gorgeous robe and night gown.

J. Weiss
P. S. My big daughter asked me if when she gets married she'll get such beautiful things!"


Jan 11, 2014

"Hi, Beverly. The set arrived and is lovely.
The robe fits beautifully except it's about 1 1/2 to 2 inches too big in the waist. The gown, however, is too large at the armhole side seams, difficult to explain. It could use darts at the chest for shaping. I'll be taking both to my tailor to get just right but they are lovely.

Nathalie Pettus"


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